NEW Remote control for roller shutter door -tuya smart receiver with two remotes

Tuya WiFi Controller AC Tubular Motor Controller /Infrared Sensor Multifunction Receiver Description:
1: The receiver Resistance function has three modes:
1) When the infrared photoelectric switch signal line is connected to the ”S”port, the receiver is in Resistance stop mode
2) When the photoelectric switch signal line is connected to the "IR", there are two modes: rebound to the top mode ; rebound half circle mode. It can be switched by the remote.
2: The receiver can monitor the running current of the motor. When the motor stops running (the door stops at any position), it will automatically cut off the photoelectric switch without misoperation
3: With inching function
4: It has DC power supply (DC12V)output and uplink, stop, downlink dry contact interface, which can be connected with manual switch and various external sensors
5: The receiver comes with a manual operation button. 6. auto-close door after open the door

Scope of Application

Automatic door systems, garage doors and roller shutter systems, roller shutter, solar shading system, venetian blind, window shutter


1.Input voltage: AC100-240V 50 HZ/60 HZ

2.Receiving frequency: 433.92 MHZ,2.4G

3.Receiving sensitivity:107dB

4.Output power: 800W

5.Working temperature: –40°C~+70°C

6. APP: Tuya smart

Quality Assurance Certificates
1.12 Months Warranty

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