Smart Motorised Louvered aluminium pergola,adjustable roof slats

Aluminum pergola
It is a new type of sunshade canopy with excellent sunshade, heat insulation, rain proof, wind resistance, stable and durable functions. The precise louver structure technology and drainage system enable the blades to completely block the light and rain after closing, and resist the wind environment of 100km/h to minimize the interference of external weather on the sunshade space. The opening and closing angles of the blades are controlled by the flip of the blades to adjust the light and ventilation. It can also be combined with the lamp belt, ceiling fan and windproof curtain to form an ecological sunshine room, so that you and your family can enjoy high- quality outdoor comfortable life.

Adjustable roof slats

The roof coverage can be adjusted via the crank-operated tilting slats. When the roof is fully closed, it provides complete protection from the sun and rain due to the fully opaque, insulated slats. The joint design provides a perfect seal. The water will drain through the innovative, built-in drainage system and will exit through the pergola columns.  
Its adjustable slats allow you to enjoy natural ventilation, while still limiting UV exposure. They also allow you to adjust the light flow from the sunlight. When partially open, you will enjoy a light breeze and direct sunlight. When the slats are fully open, you can enjoy the sunlight and ideal ventilation.

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